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Book Reviews by Age and Grade Level

Grades 7 to 9


The Valley of Flowers: A Story of A TB Sanatorium
Veronica Eddy Brock
Reviewed by Eve Williams
Grades 8 to 12
1988 July

Vampires of Ottawa
Eric Wilson
Reviewed by Joan Weller
Grades 5-9 / Ages 10-14
1985 May

Reviewed by Pia Christensen
Grades 4 and up
1984 May

Vancouver and Its Writers
Alan Twigg
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 9 and up
1987 March

Vancouver: The Way It Was
Michael Kluckner
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 9 and up
1985 July

Vancouver: A Year in Motion
Tom Sutherland and Cindy Bellamy
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 8 and up
1986 November

Vancouver Bays and Harbours: A Teacher's Guide
Gloria Snivley and others
Reviewed by K Phyllis James
Grades 2-7
1986 July

Vegetable Cookbook
Rose Murray
Reviewed by Marilyn H. Kogon
Grades 9 and up
1983 September

The Veterans' Years: Coming Home From The War
Barry Broadfoot
Reviewed by Alfred F. Greenwood
Grades 9 and up
1986 January

Victoria: The Way it Was
Michael Kluckner
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 9 and up
1987 March

Victorious in Defeat
Wallace Brown and Hereward Senior
Reviewed by Jack Brown
Grades 7 and up
1985 March

The Video Kid
Ian Weir
Reviewed by Henley-Hodgson
Grades 5 to 10/Ages 10 to 15
1989 May

The Video Kid Rides Again
Ian Weir
Reviewed by Patricia J. Cooper
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up
1991 September

A View of Original Toronto: the Fabric of York/Toronto Circa 1834
Lucy Booth Martin
Reviewed by Adèle Ashby
Grades 6 and up
1984 September

Vignettes of Life: Experiences and Self Preceptions
Catharine E. Warren
Reviewed by John D. Crawford
Grades 8 and up
1987 May

Viking Discovery: L'Anse Aux Meadows
Joan Horwood
Reviewed by Joan McGrath
Grades 5-8
1986 May

The Vikings
Robert Livesey and A.G. Smith
Reviewed by Nancy Tally
Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13
1989 July

The Vikings and Their Predecessors
Kate Gordon
Reviewed by Michael Freeman
Grades 7 and up
1982 September

Vincent et Moi
Michael Rubbo
Reviewed by Patricia J. Cooper
Grades 7-10 / Ages 12-15
1991 September

A Visit From Mr. Lucifer
Don Lemma
Reviewed by Barbara Conquest
Grades 7-10
1985 July

Voice of the Pioneer, Volume Two
Bill McNeil
Reviewed by David Chadwick
Grades 7 and up
1985 March

Voices from the Eastern Arctic
Jane Ann Shapiro (Edited by)
Reviewed by Sharon A. McLennan McCue
Grades 5 - Secondary
1987 September

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