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Book Reviews by Age and Grade Level

Grades 7 to 9


Nick Bantock
Reviewed by Terri MacLean
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up
1992 March

Jacques Cartier and the People of the Eastern Woodlands
Daniel C.G. Conner
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 9-10
1987 July

Jake and the Kid
W. O. Mitchell
Reviewed by Elaine Balpataky
Grades 9 and up
1983 January

James Cook and the Nuu-Chah-Nulth
Daniel C.G. Conner
Reviewed by Adele Case
Grades 9-10
1987 July

James Hector: Explorer
Bruce Haig
Reviewed by Barbara Conquest
Grades 6 and up
1984 September

James McKay
Agnes Grant
Reviewed by Donna J. Adrian
Grades 5-8 / Ages 10-13
1994 October

Janet Carnochan
John L. Field
Reviewed by Jo Anna Burns
Grades 5-8
1986 May

The Japanese People: Music, Instruments, Arts, Crafts
Sandra Davies
Reviewed by Joan Weller
K-Grade 12
1986 September

Jan Truss
Reviewed by Joan Weller
Grades 6-9
1983 March

Jays! A Fan's Diary
Jon Caulfield
Reviewed by Michael Freeman
Grades 7-10
1985 September

Jean De Brebeuf: A Giant in the Land of Huronia
Tom Bonic
Reviewed by JoAnna Burns-Patton
Grades 4-7
1984 January

Jeremy Gates and the Magic Key
Janet Craig James
Reviewed by Joan M. Payzant
Grades 4-7
1987 July

Jerry Potts: Paladin of the Plains
B.D. Fardy
Reviewed by Beatrice Russel
Grades 7 and up
1985 May

Carol Matas
Reviewed by P.J. Hammel
Grades 7-9 / Ages 12-14
1990 May

The Job for Me
John Nixon and Karen Kokoski
Reviewed by Elaine Blakey
Grades 7 and up
1986 July

Joey Jeremiah
Katheryn Ellis
Reviewed by Jo Anna Burns Patton
Grades 5-8 / Ages 10-13
1990 May

John and the Missus
Gordon Pinsent
Reviewed by Warner Winter
Grades 9 and up
1985 September

Jo's Search
Paul Kropp
Reviewed by W.F. Benson
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up
1987 May

The Journey Begins
Dennis Adair and Janet Rosenstock
Reviewed by Constance Hall
Grades 6-8 / Ages 11-13
1991 November

Journey Through a Shadow
Jaylene Butchart
Reviewed by Margaret Marsh
Grades 6 and up
1984 January

Journey Through a Tropical Jungle
Adrian Forsyth
Reviewed by Peter Freeman
Grades 5 to 8
1989 March

Julie's Secret
Cora Taylor
Reviewed by Constance Hall
Grades 7 and up / Ages 12 and up
1991 September

The Jumbo Book of Science: 136 of the Best Experiments from the Ontario Science Center
Carol Gold with Mary Donev, Stef Donev and Hugh Westrup
Reviewed by Janice Foster
Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12
1994 September

Jumbo Gumbo: Songs, Poems, and Stories for Children
Wenda McArthur and Geoffrey Ursell
Reviewed by Deborah Mervold
Grades 1-6 / Ages 6-11
1990 March

The Junior Encyclopedia of Canada
James Marsh
Reviewed by P.J. Hammed
Grades 6 and up / Ages 11 and up
1990 November

Just Bats
M. Brock Fenton
Reviewed by Hugh A. Cook
Grades 7 and up
1983 September

Just Call Me Boom Boom
Martyn Godfrey
Reviewed by Norma Charles
Grades 4-8 / Ages 9-13
1994 October

Just Desserts and Other Treats for Kids to Make
Marilyn Linton
Reviewed by Margaret Montgomery
Grades 3-9
1987 March

Justice for Julie
Barbra Ann Lane
Reviewed by Anne Louise Mahoney
Grades 7 to 9/Ages 12 to 14
1993 March

Juvenilia: Early Writings of Elizabeth Smart
Jo Anna Burns
Reviewed Jo Anna Burns
Grades 9 and up
1988 September

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