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Book Reviews by Age and Grade Level

Grades 10 and up


A 20th Century Anthology: Essay, Stories, and Poems
W. E. Messenger and W. H. New (Edited by)
Reviewed by Elaine Balpataky
Grades 12 and up
1984 September

The 49th Paradox: Canada in North America
Richard Gwyn
Reviewed by Ted Monkhouse
Grades 12 and up
1986 May

75 Years of Scouting in Canada
Robert E. Milks
Reviewed by Dave Jenkinson
Grades 9 and up
1982 September

82: Best Canadian Stories
John Metcalf and Leon Rooke (Edited by)
Reviewed by C. H. Mountford
Grades 12 and up
1983 May

84: Best Canadian Stories
David Helwig (Edited by)
Reviewed by Pamela Black
Grades 11 and up
1985 March

85 Best Canadian Stories
David Helwig and Sandra Martin
Reviewed by Clare A. Darby
Grades 12 and up
1986 March

100 Years of Dropping the Puck
Scott Young
Reviewed by Allan S. Evans
Grades 12 and up / Ages 17 and up
1990 May

111 Range and Forage Plants of the Canadian Prairies
J. Looman
Reviewed by John H. HarknessGrace E. Funk
Grades 10 and up
1984 November

1885 and After: Native Society in Transition
Laurie Barren and James B. Waldram (edited by)
Reviewed by Robert Wieder
Grades 11 and up
1987 March

1885: MÉtis Rebellion or Government Conspiracy?
Don McLean
Reviewed by J.D. Ingram
Grades 11 and up / Ages 16 and up
1986 January

1944: The Canadians in Normandy
Reginald Roy
Reviewed by John H. Harkness
Grades 11 and up
1984 November

The 1993 Canadian Global Almanac: A Book of Facts
Edited by John Robert Colombo
Reviewed by Ted Monkhouse
Grades 9 and up/Ages 14 and up
1993 May

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