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Amelia Frances Howard Gibbon Award

List of nominees for 1996

Administered by the Canadian Association of Children's Librarians, the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Medal is awarded to an outstanding illustrator of a children's book published in Canada. To be eligible for this award, an illustrator must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, and the text of the book must be worthy of the illustrations.

Title Author Illustrator Publisher
The Dust Bowl Booth, David Reczuch, Karen Kid's Can Press
Sody Salleratus Davis, Aubrey Daniel, A. & L Kid's Can Press
The Harvest Queen Robertson, JoAnne Reczuch, Karen Red Deer College
Tiger's New Cowboy Boots Morck, Irene Graham, Georgia Red Deer College
The Stone Lion Slavin, Bill Slavin, Bill Red Deer College
A Mountain Alphabet Ruurs, Margriet Kiss, Andrew Tundra
The Fish Princess Watt, Irene Mennie, Steve Tundra
Voices From the Wild Bouchard, David Parker, Ron Raincoast
Loon Rock Trotter, Maxine Christmas, Dozay U. College Cape Breton
Hunchback of Notre Dame Hugo, Victor Slavin, Bill Key Porter
Silver Threads Skrypuch, MF. Martchenko, Michael Penguin
Gruntle Piggle Takes Off Little, Jean Wales, Johnny Penguin
Boy Soup Lesynski, Loris Lesynski, Loris Annick
Token Gift McGibbon, H.W. Cameron, Scott Annick
Mala Wolf, Gita Galouchko, A.G. Annick
Christopher's Folly Mosionier, Beatrice Gallagher, Terry Pemmican
Red Parka Mary Eyvindson, Peter Brynjolson, Rhian Pemmican
River My Friend Bell, William Campbell, Ken Orca
Too Many Suns Lawson, Julie Springett, Martin Stoddart
Necklace of Stars Charles, V. M. Charles, V. M. Stoddart
Vision Seeker Whetung, James Morin, Paul Stoddart
Tiktala Shaw-MacKinnon, M. Gal, Laszlo Stoddart
Sarah and the People of Sand River Valgardson, Wm. Wallace, Ian Groundwood
Ghost Train Yee, Paul Chan, Harvey Groundwood
Rooster's Gift Conrad, Pam Beddows, Eric Groundwood
Mary Margaret's Tree Drawson, Blair Groundwood
Jade and Iron Garay, Luis Groundwood
Jacob's Best Sisters Teddy, Jan Fitzgerald, Joanne Groundwood
Whatever You Do Don't Go Near that Canoe! Lawson, Julie Zimmerman, Werner North Winds
Have You Seen Bugs? Oppenheim, JoAnne Broda, Ron North Winds
Peacock's Pride Kajpust, Melissa Kelly, Joanne Hyperion
The Wise Washerman - A Folktale from Burma Froese, Deborah Kui, Wong Hyperion
Cricket's Cage Czernecki, Stefan Hyperion
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