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Jeannette Verhelst
Illustrated by Jacqueline Badiou
Edmonton, Donovan Publishing, 1993. 64pp, paper, $7.95
ISBN 1-895292-21-2. Distributed by Centax Distribution, 1150 - 8th Ave., Regina, SK S4R 1C9. CIP

Grades 3 and up/Ages 8 and up

Reviewed by Christine Buchanan

Volume 22 Number 5
1994 October

This collection of twenty-five projects using everlasting flowers is well organized with step-by-step instructions and a clear black-and-white sketch for each item. However, I have several reservations about this book, principally that all the projects are variations of the same idea. Pick a base (wreath, paper plate, doily, toilet paper roll, etc.), decorate it, glue on Spanish moss, glue on everlasting flowers, and glue on addi-tional decorative items such as stuffed birds, ribbons, lace, bows. All the suggestions seem to require purchase of pre-made "craft" items, glue, Spanish moss, and the flowers themselves, unless one has these growing in one's own garden.

I'm not sure one needs a book to be able to follow these steps, and, moreover, the projects seem to me to be fairly trite and uninspiring. To me, a good craft book invites creativity by suggesting variations and playing with different versions. There is nothing here to suggest any variation from the basic "buy and glue" methodology.

Not recommended unless you examine this book first and find it to your taste. There are a number of colourful craft magazines readily available, many of which use flower crafts, and one that specializes in flower crafts. These (even if purchased in single copies if funds do not permit a subscription) might provide a better resource for this area of the craft section.

Christine Buchanan, a former branch head with Toronto Public Libraries, is now a teacher with the Scarborough Board of Education in Toronto,Ontario.

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