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Karen C. Anderson and Stephen Cumbaa
Toronto, Somerville House Publishing, 1993
96pp, paper, $9.95, ISBN 0-921051-54-9. CIP

Subject Headings:
Body, Human-Juvenile literature.
Human anatomy-Juvenile literature.
Scientific recreations-Juvenile literature.

Grades 3-7 / Ages 8-12

Reviewed by Pat Steenbergen

Volume 22 Number 3
1994 May / June

Stephen Cumbaa, the author of the  Bones Book and Skeleton¹, has an extensive background in palaeontology and archaeology and is an assistant director with the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa. Karen Anderson is the editor of  Games Junior, magazine's  Kids' Big Book of Games.

As with the previous book, a more accurate title would have been the "Body Gamebook." The activities and experiments cover all aspects of the body from muscles to senses and are not restricted to bones and the skeleton! About one half of the more than sixty activities are paper and pencil ones such as crosswords, mazes and true/false quizzes. The experiments range in complexity from starch testing and building a model of the lungs to t esting for the density of nerve endings with a paper clip.

The illustrations are by Kim LaFave, William Kimber and Stephen MacEachern. There are illustrations throughout to complement the text, as part of most of the activities and as amplification of the experiment instructions.

There is no index but the answer key for the activities is excellent.

This is a fun book for individual children or for teachers to use as part of a learning centre. However, school and public libraries would soon find their copies had been marked up by borrowers unable to resist doing the matching or crosswords.

The publishers give an age range of six to twelve. This is somewhat optimistic as, in my judgement, about one third of the activities could only be done by nine-to twelve-year-olds and the reading level is certainly higher than grade 1 or 2.

Recommended for purchase by parents and teachers.

Pat Steenbergen is a job sharing librarian in the Professional Librar y for the staff of the Board of Education for the City of York in Toronto, Ontario

¹Reviewed vol.XX/3 May 1992, p. 164.

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