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Fullan, Michael
Toronto, OISE Press, 1991. 400pp, paper, $29.50
ISBN 0-77440357-8. CIP

Subject Headings:
Educational innovations-Canada.
Educational innovations-United States.
Educational planning.


Reviewed by Gail K Lennon

Volume 20 Number 3
May 1992

In 1982, Michael Fullan revolutionized the way in which reform was regarded with his Meaning of Educational Change (OISE Press). Many "new," "revised" and "improved" updates of successful books turn out, like the unending series of Back to the Future or Star Trek sequels, to be sad replays of a successful theme. This book, however, is a delightful exception to that rule. It is at once weighty and easily readable. It offers a learned summary of what we have learned since the introduction of the first Meaning of Educational Change.

This book may well prove to be the best contribution to the field of educational change that this decade will see. In a dearly outlined plan, Fullan begins by setting out the purpose and plan of the book. He then takes the reader on an historical tour of the sources of educational change. Chapters on the meaning of educational change and those referring to the role of principals, teachers, students, district administrators, consultants, parents and government in bringing about effective educational change are particularly logical and practical in their approach.

Fullan devotes a chapter to professional preparation of teachers and another to professional development of experienced teachers. In the concluding chapter, Fullan considers the question of what the future holds for education. He leaves the reader with a clear message about responsibilities and action that should be taken.

This book is an absolute "must read" for everyone involved directly or indirectly in the field of education.

Gail K. Lennon, Walkerton District Secondary School, Walkerton, Ont.
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