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Walter Hildebrandt
Illustrations by William Lobchuk
Dun vegan (Ont.), Cormorant Books, 1991. 95pp, paper, $12.95
ISBN 0-920953-64-6. CIP


Reviewed by Marsha Kaiserman.

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

Poetic history (or historical poetry) and politically correct history are not new concepts. Unfortunately, writing politically correct poetry about mistreat­ment of native Canadians does not automatically result in a good book.

This is a book that proclaims itself to be a collage of historical documents, narrative, poetry and visual material about the 1885 North-west Rebellion in Canada. Aside from one novel idea, the presentation of a treaty from the view­point of a native Canadian, there is very little of interest in this work. Indeed, there is very little demonstrated scholar­ship.

Although Walter Hildebrandt has the credentials to produce a well-docu­mented, well-thought-out book on this period, he has produced one that is shallow and uninspired. The only reason to buy this book is for the water-colours by William Lobchuk, which are fresh and appealing. A volume of Lobchuk's water-colours accompanied by straightforward prose would have been a much better idea.

Not recommended.

Marsha Kaiserman, Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information, Ottawa, Ont.
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