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Heather Conkie
Toronto, HarperCollins, 1991. 118pp, paper, $4.50
ISBN 0-00-647040-S. (Road to Avonlea, 8). CIP


Amy Jo Cooper
Toronto, HarperCollins, 1991. 105pp, paper, $4.50
ISBN 0-00-6470394. (Road to Avonlea, 7). CIP


Gail Hamilton
Toronto, HarperCollins, 1991. 121pp, paper, $4.50
ISBN 0-00-647042-4. (Road to Avonlea, 9). CIP

Grades 5 to 8/Ages 10 to 13

Reviewed by Kay Kerman

Volume 20 Number 2
1992 March

A new generation of young readers will now be able to appreciate the spirit and tradition of Lucy Maud Montgomery with the introduction of the new series, “The Story Girl."

Having boon a great fan of Lucy Maud Montgomery's, I approached this series with skepticism. Much to my surprise, these stories evoked the same emotion and uplifting feelings as did Montgomery's "Anne" series.

The main character of this series is Sara Stanley. Sara's father has sent her from Montreal, after false accusations cause his business to falter and his reputation to be questioned. Sara is to live with Aunt Hetty and Aunt Olivia, her late mother's family, until he sorts out his affairs. Nearby are her cousins, the Kings. Sara befriends Felicity King and all the adventures surround these two girls as their imaginations get them caught up in a whirlwind of warm and affectionate fun.

Aunt Abigail's Beau tells how Aunt Abigail's old flame Malcolm comes back to Avonlea and wishes to take Abigail into his heart once again. He explains that he had left her once before only to make his fortune and he now can offer her the life that she deserves. Aunt Abigail has become quite set in her ways and although she accepts his marriage proposal immediately she begins to feel quite uncertain about whether or not their relationship can ever work. When Sara and Felicity hear about this, they set the wheels in motion to make sure that their romance pre­vails.

Malcolm and the Baby focuses on the same characters as the previous story. Malcolm wants desperately to have a baby, another member to complete the new family. Aunt Abigail is feeling insecure and too old to be bringing up a little one. Upon returning from their honeymoon, Malcolm comes home from an auction with a cradle. This prompts a fight between the newlyweds which Sara and Felicity overhear as they enter the house. Desperately upset, they run from the house and wonder how they can settle the matter. Meanwhile, an orphaned baby is in town and both Aunt Hetty and Rachel Lynde feel responsible for it. Sara and Felicity take the baby and leave it on the doorstep of the newlyweds, figuring this is the perfect solution to their problem!

Felicity's Challenge takes place at the time of the annual harvest. All the children are getting their costumes together for the annual harvest ball. Felicity is determined to win the crown as harvest queen. One day while in class, Clemmie Ray is being teased and taunted by Jane Spry and Sally Potts. All three children and Felicity are kept after school as punishment. When they all discuss their costumes for the annual harvest ball, they agree that they will meet at Felicity's house to sew the final details of their costumes. On the meeting day prior to Clemmie Ray's arrival, a secret wager is made that if Felicity can transform Clemmie Ray into a princess at the ball and have someone to dance with, then Felicity will win Sally's locket. If not, Felicity must give up her prized tiara. Sara warns Felicity that it is not a wise bet to be in, for it may cost her their friendship and that of Clemmie Ray's. Indeed, Sara is right, but the problem does resolve itself. A good lesson about friendship.

I recommend this series.

Kay Kerman, Chelsea Public School, Chelsea, Que.
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