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Fischler, Stan and Shirley Fischler.

Toronto. Totem Books, cl986. 192pp. paper, $9.95, ISBN 0-00-217644-0. Distributed by Collins.

Grades 6-12
Reviewed by Walter Kalyn

Volume 15 Number 2
1987 March

Ho hum. Another book of National Hockey League statistics. This one claims to "break out into the open" by not only giving statistics, but "interpretation" as well. I never thought there was anything significant enough in NHL statistics to merit interpretation, but for all you hockey fans, here it is, a book "that makes sense of hockey's numbers." You get such exciting insights as "scoring equivalents." "lapse period layouts," etc. Each team is examined in minute detail, as are the 1986 Stanley Cup final games.

An inherent weakness of a book of this type is that, like other statistics books, it is out of date when issued. By the time you buy this, there will be another year of exciting numbers that should have been added to it.

My question is: "Who cares?" The answer is; "All the thousands of hockey nuts running around Canada." There is nothing of great value in this book that any school library absolutely needs to have available, but diehard hockey fans might find it interesting. When I presented this book to one of the hockey types that frequents this establishment, his sole comment was: "It doesn't have any pictures." So take warning, it lacks that one vital element sport fans require, visual material He shoots, he.. .Forget it.

Walter Kalyn, Thom, C.I., Regina, Sask.
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