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Kathleen Snow, Rickey Dabbs, and Esther Gorosh.
Ottawa, ON: Canadian Library Association, l986.
307pp., paper, $25.00.
ISBN 0-88802-202-6. 2nd edition. CIP.

Subject Headings:
Children's poetry, Canadian (English)-Indexes.
Canadian poetry (English)-Indexes.


Reviewed by P.J. Hammel.

Volume 15 Number 1
1987 January

This is the second edition of a work previously reviewed, although the title has been rearranged from the former Subject Index for Children and Young People to Canadian Poetry in English ¹. More significant changes, however, have also occured: 307 pages (formerly 183) index 120 books (formerly seventy) of poetry listed as in print for the years 1976-1983 (formerly 1976-1980). Each book listed contains five or more poems for children aged six to fourteen years as before, but this time the "List of Books Indexed" includes forty-eight identified as "containing a substantial number of poems suitable for children aged six to ten." Selection criteria, as before, include: subject matter, level of language, level of concept, and attractions of rhythm and imagery.

Subject headings, as in the previous edition, are from Subject Index to Poetry for Children and Young People, the Children's Catalogue, and Canadian Subject Headings. Again, the work is marked by liberal use of "see" and "see also" references. There seems to be, however, some confusion in regard to the interpretation of "see" references. In the example "Fat": see "Obesity," there is no problem; this obviously means that "Fat" is not an acceptable entry and that relevant poems will be indexed under "Obesity." On the other hand, in the example, "Dogfish: see "Humour - Dogfish," the intent is surely not to disqualify "Dogfish" as an entry, but rather to indicate the possibility of relevant items under the heading referred to. Therefore, this should more accurately be a "see also" reference. This particular situation appears a number of times, always in reference to the "Humour" entry. Incidentally, there are 192 entries (formerly ninety-seven) under "Humour."

Like the first edition, this is an essential addition to the school library's collection of indexes. Students and teachers, both, will find it most useful. Further, the "List of Books Indexed" will suggest additional titles to be added to the poetry collection.

P.J. Hammel, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK.

¹ Reviewed vol. XI/5 September 1983, p. 223.

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