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vol. 1, 1985. Vancouver, Pacific New Directions Publishing Society. 6 issues a year. $12.00. Distributed by New Directions, Box 34279, Station D, Vancouver, B.C., V6J 4P2. Examples: vol. 1, nos. 1-3, 1985

Grade 12 and up
Reviewed by William F. Benson

Volume 14 Number 5
1986 September

New Directions is a left-leaning Vancouver-based newspaper that began publishing in June of 1985. The people responsible for publishing it formed themselves into a society to achieve their goal and stated clearly in their first issue that they are independent of all organizations and very interested in fairness. Their articles naturally have a slant to them, but they welcome letters disagreeing with their views and seem to insist on correct facts and possibly facts that the other major newspapers ignore.

I have to admit to an initial scepticism upon receiving these papers to review, and they certainly would not be ones I would normally read. I was pleasantly surprised therefore, being forced to read them, so to speak, to find them very good, informative, and interesting. They present their information succinctly, and generally it is of an evocative nature, pro and con. There are very few advertisements in the papers, and the articles cover a wide range of subjects from human rights, to the union movement, to the political front and activities of all the political parties, both provincial and federal.

If you accept these papers for what they claim to be, and read them accordingly, they are an excellent series to subscribe to. Too often the major papers present most of the facts that this paper is covering in small inside articles, where they become lost. There is a definite need for newspapers of this sort to remind people and politicians of their responsibilities and promises. The information is never dull and I feel that this series of newspapers will be great for promoting conversations. Well worth the twelve dollars for the six issues per year.

William F. Benson. Alexander Park School, Golden. B.C.
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