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THE FUN FACTORY, vol. 1-. 1986-.

Toronto, Curtis Communications. 12 issues a year. $15.00 Distributed by The Fun Factory, P.O. Box 1268. Station T, Toronto, Ont.. M6B 4A4. Example: February 1986.

Grades 2-7
Reviewed by Jane Robinson

Volume 14 Number 3
1986 May

The publisher, Curtis Communications, reportedly spent two years researching the concept and content for this all new, all Canadian magazine for children aged six to twelve years. Why then does it give the impression of being put together in a hurry? Perhaps it is a combination of the effects of using only newsprint paper, a complete absence of colour (black-and-white drawings and headings), and a lack of traditional magazine content. The Fun Factory is an activity booklet, very similar to the Action Kids series,* also published by Curtis Communications, only this is in a magazine format. It is comprised primarily of word puzzles (complete with answers), riddles, mazes, and secret messages, with the addition of a few games and directions for making and doing activities. Content ranges from the simple to the more challenging in an effort to appeal to the wide range of abilities and interests that is naturally found in an age span of six-to twelve-year-olds. The themes of the puzzles, riddles, and activilies themselves offer an equally wide range encompassing sports, home, school, science, safety and other indoor and outdoor themes.

But it misses the mark of being a true magazine in the style of other Canadian children's magazines, such as Owl, Chickadee, and Crackers. This is due to an absence of articles, stories and/or comic strips, photographs, advertising, letters to and from the editor(s), and children's coniributions. This limits The Fun Factory's audience and appeal since it offers primarily one thing to one group of people. It is essentially a puzzle book for puzzle enthusiasts, and by its design, seems to be better suited to a single owner than to a multiple of library patrons.

Jane Robinson, Winnipeg, Man. *Reviewed vol.XIV/3 May 1986 p.119.
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