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Ripley, Catherine.

Illustrated by Debi Perna and Brenda Clark. Toronto, Greey de Pencier Books, c1985. unpaged, paper, $2.00, ISBN 0-920775-00-4. (An Owl Magazine/Golden Press Book). CIP


Rosser, Eric.

Illustrated by Olena Kassian. Toronto, Greey de Pencier Books, c1985. unpaged, paper, $2.00, ISBN 0-920775-01-2. (An Owl Magazine/Golden Press Book). CIP

Pre-School-Grade 3
Reviewed by Elizabeth Lockett

Volume 14 Number 2
1986 March

These two nature books for small children are a marvellous addition to the literature of this kind. Night and Day tells about the life of a North American meadow during one spring day and night. As the owl flies home to sleep, the woodpecker awakes and begins to feed. The fox kits come out to play, while baby hares sleep in a thicket. Throughout the day and night a progression of animals hunt and play and are hunted in a rich spring meadow. The illustrations are full of detail, and parents and children will enjoy studying them closely.

Snow Babies describes the life of several young Arctic animals during their first year. The polar bear cubs are born blind and helpless, but when spring comes they are able to play in the snow and swim in the ocean. Seal babies eat milk and fish, while foxes and owls feed their young with lemmings. The illustrations by Olena Kassian are realistic and artistic; the wind howls around the huddling furry muskoxen and the newborn caribou wobble on long sticklike legs.

These two nature books would be useful for information about North American animals at a basic level. The text is not difficult, but it is not for beginning readers. These books are strongly recommended.

Elizabeth Lockett, Niagara Falls, Ont.
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