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Clubb, Angela.

Toronto, Irwin Publishing, c1984. 135pp, paper, spiral bound, $12.95, ISBN 0-7725-1508-5. CIP

Reviewed by Margaret Montgomery

Volume 13 Number 3
1985 May

This book is definitely for adults or much older children to use, and not for children under ten to try on their own. There are plenty of hints and suggestions for variations and substitutions so that one can find ideas for all kinds of kitchen activities. Most of the results are edible.

The plastic ring binding means that the book opens flat, but of course this binding is not as durable as some other types.

There is an abundance of sweet things in the book. The "Good for You" section leans toward whole-wheat flour but with sugar and chocolate with it. Not REALLY good for you in some cases.

This 22 x 28 cm (81/2 x 11 inches to you Grandma) book was written for adults to use with children. It is well planned and laid out. The recipes use ordinary ingredients and each has a list of suggested involvement by the child. The authors even suggest that children would enjoy colouring the black-and-while illustrations! There is a good index and each recipe gives both metric and imperial measurements for the ingredients.

The seventy-three recipes are divided into four sections: "Snacks and Light Meals," "Sweet and Yummy," "Good for You," and "Holidays and Celebrations." The latter is the largest section with twenty-four recipes. Each is laid out on one, two, or more pages with an introductory paragraph addressed to the adult, a list of ingredients, the instructions, some possible variations, hints and cautions, as well as the list of what the child can do to help. More than sixty pages have black-and-white drawings. Some of these merely decorate while some of them illustrate the method.

Included under "Snacks and Light Meals" are such items as Mexican pizza, soft bread sticks, egg drop soup, and fish stick roll-ups. "Sweet and Yummy" includes macaroon tarts, monster chocolate chip cookies, cheese tarts, apple strudels, brownies, and pudding pops. Under "Good for You" are honey granola bars, date orange squares, fig bars, easy raisin loaf, marinated vegetables, and fruit kebabs.

It seems that the author really has her heart in the "Holidays" section where you will find two recipes for ice-cream birthday cakes as well as grape play-dough favours, little cakes, and a recipe for birthday "cards" (decorated cardboard cut-outs), which she adapts to other holidays as well. There are recipes for Valentines, March 17, Easter, Hallowe'en, and Christmas. Some of the Easter recipes look interesting: shortbread "eggs" onion-skin dye for eggs, and bread-dough decorations.

I am sure that parents, teachers, and group leaders will find this a useful title. I am lending it to a grade 2 teacher right away so that she can find some ideas for Valentine's Day recipes. Every library can use another good cookbook.

Margaret Montgomery, West Vernon E.S., Vernon, B.C.
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