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Nick Sullivan.

Richmond Hill (ON), Scholastic-Tab Publications, c1983.
107pp, paper, $2.95.
ISBN 0-590-71282-9.

Grades 4-6.
Reviewed by Janice Foster.

Volume 12 Number 2
1984 March

Jennifer sits on the school bus in a miserable mood because of her unfinished homework assignment, an essay entitled "My Strangest Dream." Suddenly she finds herself being transported in a horse-drawn carriage to the kingdom of Eladeria. There, as Princess Miranda, she must wait until the full moon when she will be the tribute for the evil sorceress Swenhild. With the aid of an enchanted dwarf, Samson, and the magical Paladian scroll, Jennifer is able to confront Swenhild and break her evil hold over the kingdom.

Nick Sullivan's first published novel is a compelling, dramatic narrative that entices the reader to press onward with the heroine to discover what could happen in a dream. The elements of fantasy such as mystical creatures and magical spells create exciting, at times frightening adventures. The fact that Jennifer is a resourceful and realistic heroine with a modern-day problem allows the reader to become an active participant in each episode rather than a mere onlooker at the realm of fantasy. The Seventh Princess is definitely a rich, appealing tale of enchantment and adventure. The modest price makes this readily available for personal, public and school libraries.

Janice Foster, Winnipeg, MB.
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