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L.M. Montgomery.
Toronto, Seal Books, 1983.
339pp., paper, $3.50.
ISBN 0-770410798-1.


L.M. Montgomery.
Toronto, Seal Books, 1983.
325pp., paper, $3.50.
ISBN 0-77041796-5.


L.M. Montgomery.
Toronto, Seal Books, 1983.
228pp., paper, $3.50.
ISBN 0-77041797-3.

Grades 7 and up.
Reviewed by Sally Davis.

Volume 12 Number 2
1984 March

If you are among the fans of the Anne of Green Gables series then you can expect to find the Emily of New Moon series by the same author just as satisfying. Montgomery wrote the Anne books starting in 1908, and the Emily books between 1924-1927. There is no problem with the two heroines duplicating characteristics and experiences, even though they have in common the setting of Prince Edward Island and are both orphans.

Emily grows up in a period when females are faced with rebelling if they wish to establish a career. Dominating Emily's early years is her irrepressible desire to become a writer. As a means for developing her skill, Emily keeps a diary (budding authors or poets might take note), with Montgomery acting as her biographer.

The interest of the reader is maintained throughout the three volumes. Events unresolved in volume one run through the succeeding volumes and are worked out along the way. Whether Emily, who has many beaus to choose from, will marry her true love is finally resolved in the last chapter of the third book.

Even though appearing to be written for the feminine reader, these books could be read and enjoyed by both sexes. They have a basic humane quality to them that promotes faith in the future.

Sally Davis, St. John's, NF.
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