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Leon Margaret.
Illustrations by Linda Leon.

Moonbeam (ON), Penumbra Press, c1983.
unpaged, paper, $7.95.
ISBN 0-92080642-2.

Reviewed by Janice Foster.

Volume 12 Number 1
1984 January

This book is the first in a series of Barnaby Bear books written by Margaret Leon, a native of Thunder Bay, and illustrated by her daughter, Linda.

The story opens with Barnaby Bear perched on the window seat searching for Penny, the little girl to whom he belongs. Suddenly, he leans over too far and falls out, landing high up in the branches of a nearby tree. Barnaby then begins a unique seasonal experience. During the summer he befriends a chipmunk and a robin who reside in the tree and every evening the leaves sing lullabyes to put him to sleep. Then autumn arrives and with it, loneliness, as each of his new friends leaves. With the arrival of winter, Barnaby is soon covered with a cozy blanket of snowflakes and he begins his long, wintry sleep. He is finally awakened by the spring sun and the March wind that jostles him from his nest and blows him right back through Penny's window.

Barnaby Bear is a delightful, simple story that takes the pre-schooler through the four seasons using a familiar, friendly character, a teddy bear. The bold, black text is imaginative and vividly expresses Barnaby's feelings with each new experience.

This is Penumbra Press's first attempt at process colour and the results are superb. The excellent full-page illustrations by Linda Leon are colourful and very enticing to the reader. The heavy paper pages will withstand frequent use by young children who most certainly will include Barnaby Bear in their read-to-me requests.

Janice Foster, Winnipeg, MB.
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