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Edited by Henry Flam and Stan Persky.

Vancouver, New Star Books, c1982.
264pp, paper, $14.95 (cloth), $7.95 (paper).
ISBN 0-919573-04-5 (cloth), 0-919573-05-3 (paper).

Reviewed by Chris Kempling.

Volume 11 Number 4.
1983 July.

The editors of The Solidarity Sourcebook have combined a valuable collection of primary sources concerning the rise and fall of the Polish trade union. Persky and Flam's intention in making the compilation is to help the serious student of political affairs understand what role Solidarity played in the rise of sociopolitical opposition to the Polish establishment. Significantly, the editors also confess a desire that the volume will be useful as a political tool for socialists in Canada and the U.S. The Sourcebook, although very useful to political science/ history students, should be read with this expressed political bias in mind.

The book is organized in six parts outlining pre-Solidarity activities, the birth of the union, its struggle with the Polish state, and its response to martial law. A chronology and an annotated bibliography are thoughtfully included. The only map in the book is of poor quality, however. A selection of photographs of the major players in the Solidarity drama would be a welcome addition to future editions.

Stan Persky, an instructor in political science and sociology at Northwest college in Terrace, B.C. has published several previous volumes in his field, notably At the Lenin Shipyard, a critically acclaimed account of the Solidarity movement. Henry Flam is simply described as a "political activist interested in Eastern European affairs." His role as editor is unclear.

With its collection of essays and speeches of prominent Solidarity leaders, transcripts of important meetings, open letters, and Solidarity-government agreements, The Solidarity Sourcebook will be an asset on the reading list of any course considering Polish affairs or the development of socio-political movements.

Chris Kempling, Quesnel, BC.
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