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Palmer Patterson.

Toronto, Grolier, c1982.
(Focus on Canadian History).
96pp, cloth, $8.95.
ISBN 0-7172-1823-6.

Grades 6 and up.
Reviewed by John Kumpf.

Volume 11 Number 3.
1983 May.

Dr. Patterson, who teaches history at the University of Waterloo and is particularly interested in the history of native Canadians, has also contributed The Indian Peoples of Canada* to the Focus on Canadian History series.

In the Inuit Peoples of Canada, Patterson traces the development of the Inuit from the pre-Dorset culture of 2000 B.C. to the present day. The comprehensive portrayal of each step of the development toward today's Inuit culture gives the reader insights into the daily lifestyles, the art, and the religion of the people. As well, it effectively explains the influence of outside cultures. Of particular interest is the chapter on the contemporary concerns of the Inuit people.

The text is very straightforward with difficult terms often explained in context. Maps and an abundance of captioned illustrations are valuable supplements. A collection of selected biographies of Inuit personalities, a glossary, chapter-by-chapter questions for discussion, and an index are added features that serve to make this a necessary resource for students from about grades 6 to high school.

* Reviewed vol. X/4 November 1982 p.256.

John Kumpf, Sir George Ross S. S., London, ON.
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