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Elwy Yost.

Richmond Hill (ON), Scholastic-Tab, c1982.
164pp, paper, $1.95.
ISBN 0-590-71093-1.

Grades 3-6.
Reviewed by Barbara Conquest.

Volume 11 Number 1.
1983 January.

As Billy Brown is finishing up his star charts and writing in his notebook at his desk, he is surprised by a flash of light that he assumes is a meteor landing. When he investigates, instead of a meteor, he finds a strange substance resembling lavaŚ if lava could glow. He soon discovers this substance has no counterpart on earth. As he explores its properties, he finds it is possible to blow it into a large bubble that he can enter; the bubble will bear his weight, and he can soar to unimagined heights and adventures.

Through a process he never does entirely understand, he finds himself in an alien world, a witness to a kidnapping. Despite his natural fear at finding himself so far from home in a threatening milieu, he is able to take advantage of the situation and eventually finds friends with whom he is able to help rescue the kidnapped boy.

This well-written science fiction adventure is more than adequate to help fill the lack of such material available for elementary-age children.

Barbara Conquest, DS MacKenzie JHS, Edmonton, AB.
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